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#1. Thought Leadership

Our content typically includes multiple call-to-actions (CTAs) for a Quick Consult so interested readers can immediately learn more about you and book a paid Quick Consult with you to get legal advice from you. 

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  • Useful -- We insist that our content is valuable and worthy of the time that a reader might spend to read it
  • Practical -- All our successful article are practical in synthesizing and distilling complex legal information into practical tips and suggestions
  • Credible -- Our content must be well-researched and sourced
  • Jargon-free -- While we understand the need for jargon in a field that requires precision, our content strives to balance this and readability
  • Concise -- Articles should be brief, to-the-point, no-nonsense and pithy
  • Visual -- In a profession that favors text, we believe infographics and flowcharts can help illuminate complex concepts where long, chunky paragraphs of text may not

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  • Writers should not use foul language or derogatory words
  • Publication of guest posts is the sole discretion of AsiaLawNetwork
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  • We’re open to all original and quality content that applies to startups and technology. Check our community manual for more info.

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